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    Coconut Chips & Flakes

    In addition to the Regular Cuts, Desiccated Coconut is also available in a variety of Fancy Cuts such as Chips and Flakes. It is also available in the form of toasted and sweetened versions..

    Types of chips and flakes

    • Oven dried
    • Oven dried and Roasted
    • Sweetened with coconut sugar flavor
    • Sweetened with cinnamon flavor
    • Sweetened with chocolate flavor

    Packing and Storage

    Coconut Flakes and Chips are packed in Paper bags. Coconut Chips and Flakes are packed in 15kg bags as per buyer’s packing requirements. They shall be stored in cool and dry place. Direct sunlight and strong odor should be completely avoided.

    Loading capacity: 14 tons in 40fcl

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