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    Raw Cashew Nuts In Shell


    Naturally available item from Cashew tree, grown in India, African Countries, Indonesia, Vietnam etc.

    Form a long time, Cashew Nuts along with the other tree nuts considered to be an essential source of nutrients. Nuts are nutrients filled seeds that directly enhance the development of human body and life. Cashew Nut Kernels contains around 47% fat, 21% protein, 5.9% moisture, 0.45% phosphorus, 22% carbohydrates, 5% iron, .05% calcium for every 100 gm.

    At Indo Commodities we export raw cashew nuts to India and South America

    Product Specifications

    Nut Count 180-200
    Outturns 47-52 lbs
    Defective 6% max
    Moisture 10% max

    White Dry Copra (edible)


    White dry Copra is available with the following specification

    • Cup size. Maximum 10cm/12cm
    • Moisture 5.5 max
    • White color, no fungus, no hole
    • Packed in 50kg Jute bags


    Nutmeg – a seed that is produced in a type of evergreen tree. Nutmeg is a common seed that is farmed mostly in tropical areas all over the world.

    The portion of nutrients in the nutmeg is considered as one of the highest portions among all types of nuts. As the result, the seed itself can bring to you a lot of health and beauty benefits.

    In addition, nutmeg is also used as a spice in various cuisines in the world. It brings the sweetness to the foods. The seed can also enhance the taste of food and make the food more aromatic with just a small amount of it.

    We export nutmeg with shell and abcd grade.

    Packing and Storage

    Nutmegs are packed in 10kg box as per buyer’s packing requirements



    Description Needed

    Long Pepper

    Description Needed


    Damar Batu

    Description Needed

    Gum Damar

    Dammar, also called dammar gum, or dammar gum, is a resin obtained from the tree family Dipterocarpaceae . Most is produced by tapping trees.

    Dammar is Typically used in lacquers to produce gloss and provide adhesive properties, it is also an ingredient in varnishes, emulsion and painting mediums.


    We produce Gum dammar in AB, CD and ABCX grades


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